Birthday bash!!!!  (click on image below to enlarge)

Confirmed Reservatitons  29 Spots Left

Chris Hinson and Guest
Shalan Lokey Brooks and 3 Guest
Cheryl Fort Skipper and Guest
Traci Hamilton
Kim Dickerson
Billy Morgan
Craig Brewer and Guest
Savoya Parrish Lovick and Guest
Kimberly Hill
Michelle Litchfield Peterson
Lisa Macon Stewart
Bridgette Brown Parker and 3 Guest
Debra Mathis
Jason Reddick
Teri Sherrod

"Sorry I can't Make it" Confirmations

Note from Angela Aquilino: 
Hey everybody, Sorry I will not be able to make it that weekend but I hope ya'll have a great time. It's very nice of you guys to do this and if I lived in town, I would be at every get together. Hope to see all of you soon. Angela

Note from JD Dyches:
I'll be out of town this particular weekend.  Hope to make the next event.
Note from Lisa Perry:
Unfortunately I have plans for that day already. I hope that these kind of events will be planned again in the future.

Note from Melissa Cashatt Smith:
So sorry, but my family won't be able to attend.  My son has a band competition that will last all day on the 17th.

Andrew Kondas
Beth Carter Carroll
Crystal Beasley Morrison
Danny Green
Kay Rentz Tillman
LaShon Andrews Smith
Lisa Morgan Bishop
Michelle Bachmann Roberts
Mark VanWechel
Patrick O'Neal
Tiffany Conner Tomberlin
Tony Jackson

Update:  9-30-09

Craig Brewer Notes:  My band "8 Mile Bend" will be playing at the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival in Richmond HIll on October 16th.  We get to kick off the festival at 7:30 on Friday Night.  We are opening for the "Swinging Medallions".  Would love to see everyone there! 

FYI - 4 of the 5 members of 8 Mile Bend are GHS alumni and the 5th gratuated from Tompkins which was merged into Groves shortly after:
Wesley Mullins (drums/vocals) Class of 82
Craig Brewer (bass) Class of 88
Chad Carver (lead vocals) Class of 90
Brian Coleman (lead vocals/guitar) Class of 91
Troy Brown (lead guitar/vocals) Tompkins Class of 88

Updated: 5-8-09  Books are going to be shipped to those individuals who pre-ordered at the reunion on Monday, May 11, 2009.  For a free preview of the Reunion Book and Class photo please go to
     Password: black&gold


Update: 4-15-09 GuestbookPhotos
20-Year Reunion:  Success!  A great time was had by all!
Memory/Directory Books are in the making and will be mailed out soon.  

Class Photos are being developed and will be mailed out soon.

If you have not ordered either one of these items you may do so on the website.  Stay tuned to this website for upcoming infomrtaion on our next reunion.

Continue looking for those missing classmates! 

Yes it really has been over 20 years!

Click the sign below to link to the Robert W. Groves
High School Home Page!

Think of the years of collective experiences and travel stories which are gathering within this group of people. There's no better conversation than in a room filled with such diversity! We'll discover things we never knew about each other. Yes, we've all gained weight, gotten wrinkles, gone gray, and lost hair on our heads only to discover it growing in other, more appalling places. It's happening to all of us. So what? This April is the only opportunity we will have as a class to get together for at least another 5 years. None of us are getting any younger!

We hope you'll consider the magnitude of our undertaking and take advantage of its fruits. We are putting forth no small effort over the next couple of months to locate and contact 235 classmates, over half of whom have never been tracked down in 20 years. We have succeeded at finding lots of them--the ones on the Missing Classmates page are the only ones we can't find. We are doing our best on your behalf to bring the Class of 1988 home.  We simply want to enjoy spending time together at a warm-hearted reunion.

 We hope you can see value in what we are trying to do. This is not a for-profit endeavor; our registration prices will be set to a break-even level only.  It will cost us every bit of what we plan to charge in order to plan a day and night with top-notch entertainment which everyone will remember the rest of their lives. We know the economy is tight, but there's nothing we can do about that. We plan to work with a "build it and they will come" philosophy. Please don't let it all be for naught. It's now your turn to step up.

We sincerely hope you will plan to attend.  Check back as this website will be growing in the near future to keep you updated on our plans of events.  Be sure to register and show your interest  immediately so that we might reach a head count as soon as possible.  (Please see "submit contact info" page) We hope to add your name to this list very soon!